Local Events

May Events

May, 19

Dark Lord Day

Join beer enthusiasts from around the world for this once-a-year brew release bash! Dark Lord day is a one day event that features the release of Dark Lord, a Russian Imperial Stout that is like nothing you have ever tried. The event goes from 9am to 9pm, and while it usually features rain and cold weather, has been moved to May for a hopefully warmer experience. WARNING: Buy your tickets soon, they are known to sell out almost immediately

June Events

June, 27

Region Fest

This is a test event for design purposes. The description area of this event will hold information about the event including activities, location, times, and general event description.

June, 29

Brew Region Goes Live!

BrewRegion will be a home for NWI beer events, news, and information. By giving The Region a place to share events, and learn about local beer-related activity, we hope to foster a hearty community of brewery related activity. Thanks for your support!